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All our products are handmade by us and we are continuously developing new flavours, tastes and products. Your feedback helps us to develop new sweet ideas and to improve the service we provide.

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  1. Dear Sarah, I think your web page looks very professional and inviting. It’s fresh and vibrant and evokes memories of long summer days. You can almost smell the lemons and oranges. It would certainly entice me to buy your lovely products. If all the things you make are as scrumptious as your crystallised oranges dipped in chocolate, I can’t wait to try some more.

    Mallorca is such a beautiful island, with an abundance of orange and lemon trees, your products reflect that beautifully. Your fine packaging and attention to detail, coupled with your products being made from locally sourced produce and free from artificial flavours and preservatives makes them even more enticing. We both wish you every success with your new venture and it exceeds all your hopes and dreams.

  2. Dear Sarah, thank you for the fantastic marmalade, it was absolutely delicious, the whole family here loves it! Heard that you gave Pelle & friends some chocolate and they were thrilled and ate them all, they really enjoyed them. I really like the website, it looks great and is easy to use. I love the fact that all the products are natural and local to Mallorca. I also love your logo – it´s perfect. Perhaps you can leave some chocolates at our Villa when there are guests arriving as a Welcome Gift?

  3. Hi Sarah, How fantastic!!! I love the web site it made me feel warm and sunny just looking at it. You deserve to do really well. Let´s talk when we come over in June because I would love to leave a small box of something in our apartment for my guests as I said.

  4. Hello Sarah and Clive. The website is fantastic and you will obviously do well. Having known you both for over 12 years and many happy times together in the UK, we know you will succeed in this latest venture. Our American friend (Cindy – due to arrive on 3 May) will be thrilled with your products.

  5. Hi Sarah, having now tried several of your sweet products I can honestly say everyone was a delight, we introduced friends to some of your selection when they were visiting last week and they were equally delighted, in fact the hurried order I sent through for last weekend was for them to take back to the UK. No doubt we will be in touch again soon, further still we have already decided we would like you to supply our clients confectionary for christmas as it will be such a uniuqe gift for them to enjoy. Kind regards Nick.
    PS.The strawberry jam was excellent to !

  6. The crystallised oranges with chocolate – what can I say? They were absolutely great! Sweet but not too sweet and they tasted natural and this is something that is not usual these days….

  7. Hi Sarah
    What a great website – you have obviously put a lot of thought into setting it up, just as you have done with all the delicious chocolates, marmalade, jams and chutney you make. The oranges dipped in chocolate are a favourite with us, as is the lemon marmalade which is just to die for!! – I was always a marmite baby before I tried your lemon marmalade! Packaging too is excellent and makes for a welcome gift at a dinner party. Good luck with it all and we’ll be back for more!

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