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Sarah and Clive

Sarah and Clive

‘A Sweet Taste of Mallorca´ was founded on the picturesque Island of Mallorca by Sarah Bowers.  In the late 1990´s Sarah and her husband Clive made the life changing decision to sell everything they had in the UK and move permanently to Mallorca with their beloved Golden Retrievers, Harvey and Bailey.  Despite both having successful careers and a more than comfortable life style in the UK they both felt it was time to change their lives completely and see if they could create a new future in Mallorca.

Sarah says,

“We were both involved in running a busy recruitment business in the UK and we were working very long hours but had hardly any spare time to really enjoy life.  We had visited the Island many times on holiday and really loved the relaxed lifestyle and the incredibly beautiful countryside.  It was on one of these visits that we looked at each other and said O.K.; let´s take a chance and see if we can build a new life in Mallorca.  Although it hasn´t always been easy we can honestly say that we have made the right decision. We were very lucky to find a great place to live and we bought a beautiful two hundred year old stone house that needed complete renovation in the historic town of Calvia that is situated in the South West corner of the Island.  Needless to say this is still an on-going project!”

It was the amazing sight of brightly coloured fruit growing everywhere whilst walking Harvey and Bailey that first inspired Sarah to start to make different types of confectionery using citrus fruit and nuts.  By using seasonal produce that is grown locally Sarah has created a range of specialist confectionery and she has developed a range of skills that includes working with chocolate and the preservation of citrus fruit.

“Harvey and Bailey our beloved Golden Retrievers”

Sarah says,

“I first started to teach myself how to temper chocolate by reading instructional books and videos that have been released by master chocolatiers and I began to make chocolate truffles using different flavourings and nut products.  One day I thought why don´t I use the beautiful citrus fruit from Mallorca and I began to crystallise oranges and lemons and use them to create delicious sweets.”

She believes passionately in sourcing fresh seasonal produce and producing delicious sweet treats without the need for preservatives or artificial additives.  She hand produces all her confectionery on a daily basis so that orders can be dispatched to customers within a few days of being made in order to guarantee freshness and maximum flavour.

“From February onwards there is a spectacular display of Almond Trees in blossom on Mallorca.”

“The latest addition to our family, this is Lucky our puppy Labrador who is also helping out with our renovations, mainly by digging the back garden!.”


Sarah makes a delicious range of crystallised citrus fruit, nut and chocolate confectionery that are prepared in a variety of coatings and flavours.  All her confectionery orders are beautifully presented in environmentally friendly gift boxes or bags decorated with brightly coloured ribbons.  She also provides a mail order service and can send items by express courier or by normal post dependent on individual customer requirements.

Each item of confectionery that Sarah produces is handmade and offers you the opportunity to discover a sweet taste of Mallorca.